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The new metrics for a new beginning

The details of our holdings

Please note that all pools are unlocked and vested as per the original metrics, eg "Lock 1 year and vest over 2 years"

Here are the changes we want to make:

  1. Establish a new pool named "Community Rewards" with a total of 30,621,589 DPET. We have made the decision to transfer all revenue from PET V1 sale into Community Rewards pool. Additionally, our team is contributing 39% of our allocation, along with the remaining balance from the Marketing and Advisors pool. Specially, the Community Rewards pool is composed of:

+11.8M DPET from PET V1 Sale pool

+6.5M DPET from Team pool

+9.8M DPET from Marketing pool

+2.5M DPET from Advisors pool

  1. Repurpose Partner pools into a consolidated Partner & Marketing pool, maintaining the same total amount.

  2. Maintain the DEX liquidity pool and Reserves pool.

  3. Reduce Team pool to 10M DPET

The new metrics should look like this:

The new locking schedule is:

  1. Community Rewards: Vest linearly over 2 years, starting from May 12th 2024.

  2. Reserves: Vest linearly over 2 years, beginning from May 12th 2024.

  3. Team: Locked for 6 months from May 12th 2024, then vest linearly over 2 years, commencing from Nov 12th 2024.

  4. Partner & Marketing: Vest linearly over 1 year, starting from May 12th 2024.

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