How it started vs. How it's going

A brief overview of $DPET, one of the longest running gamefi token

On Apr-26-2021 11:48:09 AM +UTC, the My Defi Pet token smart contract was deployed on Block 6900545 on the Binance Smart Chain. On Apr-27-2021 04:08:05 PM +UTC, $DPET liquidity pool was created on PancakeSwap.

We have over 175,000 holders and witnessed over 6,700,000 transactions on-chain. Liquidity pool value remains at $300,000. We set out with the below metrics:

To date, hypothetically, all token pools has been unlocked and vested, yet most remain locked (ie. reserves and team token). The majority of our spendings was on Marketing (CEX listing, trading competition, KOLs, Play2Earn, etc) with a small allocation for Advisors. So, this is what the current token distribution looks like:

The circulation of 28 million DPET stems from 22.7 million DPET from Private and Public sales, augmented by spending from Marketing and Advisors, and reduced by the 11.8 million DPET from pet sales. Our current holdings stands at 71,638,825 DPET from all pools combined.

In the next segment, we will introduce a new token metrics aimed at fostering the growth of the DPET ecosystem, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to the community.

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