Looking forward!

What is the meaning of all these changes?

We have come to realize several key insights during the ups and downs of the past three years, which have significantly influenced our approach:

  • We have recognized that our community lies at the heart of everything we do. With the introduction of the new Reward pool, which receives the largest allocation, we aim to incentivize, give back, and enhance the value we provide to our community.

  • New locking terms are essential to sustain interest and ensure that our members and partners remain focused on long-term strategies.

  • Having fewer Team tokens does not equate to diminished incentives for our team. We firmly believe in the principle of "A smaller piece of the pie". By prioritizing community contributions, we foster greater collaboration and collective growth.

  • The Partner & Marketing pool will be utilized to expand our network of collaborations and derive additional benefits from other projects, such as whitelist access, airdrops, and NFT partnerships.

Let's collectively shape our future, Pet masters!

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